"Ultraman" (1972)

Ultraman great live action 70's import., 18 December 2003

Author: shaneyfex from USA

I was lucky enough to live in an area on the United States that had a station that aired Ultraman and Johnny Sokko & His Flying Robot in the 70's. I was a big Speed Racer fan(now on the SPEED Channel), but was more into the live action tv shows like Jason of Star Command, Ark II, Space Academy, Land of the Lost, Six Million Dollar Man, etc. I've seen many different Ultraman series but this is my favorite and the one I saw in the 70's. The silver praying mantis looking face, the crossing of the arms to shoot an electric charge, it was just great entertainment. Iota was a great character to turn into Ultraman with a great team to fight monsters. TBS aired Ultra 7 for a while, I guess Ted Turner owns the rights, it's similar to this Ultraman series but the production and voice over quality isn't nearly as good. Don't miss it!!!
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