Height: 35 meters
Weight: 55.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 20
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Taro April 1973
Alter ego: Kotaro Higashi
Method of Transformation: The Ultra-Star Badge
Ultraman Taro is the sixth Ultra-Brother introduced to the Ultra-Universe (Ultraman Zoffy appeared in the last episode of Ultraman). Taro was specifically trained to be the most powerful Ultraman of all, personally trained by Ultra-Father from childhood to accomplish this. Taro wears the Ultra-Horns on his head. These are the most powerful of all energy absorbing devices. With these horns Taro can absorb as many as six Ultramen lives at once and become a Super Ultraman. In this state he can emit the universe’s most powerful ray, The Cosmo Miracle Ray. Taro also wears the Ultra-Chest protector, which can deflect back any energy projected towards him. In addition Taro wears an Ultra-Bracelet (like Ultraman Jack's), which can become many weapons and objects Taro needs to defeat his foes. Taro's other special powers include the Ultra-Dynamite, which can transform his whole body into a wall of flames, deadly to his enemies.


Height: 70 meter
Flying Speed: mach 8
First Television Appearance: The ULTRAMAN (animated series)
Alter ego: Choichrio Hikari
Method of Transformation: Star Beam Flasher
Ultraman Jonias is part of a group of Ultra-Beings that immigrated to another galaxy and then defends the Earth from invasions of giant kaijus. Jonias is the best fighter of his U-40 group. His best weapon of attack is the Platinum Energy Ball.


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Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman?) is a fictional character featured in tokusatsu, or "special effects" television programs in Japan. Ultraman made his debut in the tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero TV series, Ultra Q: Ultraman: Special Effects Fantasy Series, a follow-up to the television series Ultra Q. The show was produced by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Tsuburaya Productions, and was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) from July 17, 1966 to April 9, 1967, with a total of 39 episodes (40, counting the pre-premiere special that aired on July 10, 1966).

Although Ultraman is the first series to feature an Ultra-being, this is actually the second Ultra Series. Ultra Q was the first. A major pop culture phenomenon in Japan, the show has spawned dozens of imitators as well as numerous sequels and remakes, which continue to be popular today.

To distinguish him from subsequent Ultra Warriors, Ultraman is referred to as the original Ultraman (初代ウルトラマン Shodai Urutoraman?), the first Ultraman, Ultraman Hayata (a reference to his host's surname) or as simply Man.

Next Ultraman Movie Announced for 2012

The 45th anniversary celebration of the Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra series has continued with the announcement of Ultraman Saga, scheduled to hit Japanese theaters and in 2D and 3D in 2012.

Ultraman Saga follow-ups up 2009's Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie and 2010's Ultraman Zero: The Revenge Of Belial with Ultraman Zero lead a squad of red and silver super-sized heroes that includes  Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Cosmos, Ultra Brothers Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Leo and Ultraman Legend.

Ultraman Poco Poco


Height: 52 meters
Weight: 48.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 7
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Leo April 1974
Alter ego: Gen Otori
Method of Transformation: The Leo Ring
Leo was the first Ultra-Hero was not from M78 but was in The Lion Constellation of L77. Leo came to Earth and received training by Dan Moroboshi (Ultra-Seven) in order to protect Earth from the evil Magma invaders and their super-monsters. Leo’s individual powers include the CrossBeam and his deadly Ultra-Kick (his feet become burning energy). Later on Leo received a weapon called the Ultra-Cloak, which can be changed into many different types of weapons. Ultraman King (The ruler of M78) gave Leo this gift.


Height: 40 meters
Weight: 35,000
Flying Speed: mach 5
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Ace April 1972
Alter egos: Seiji Hokuto and Yoko Minami (later when Yoko resumes Luna's identity, Seiji takes the mantle of being the alter ego of Ultraman Ace)
Method of Transformation: The Ultra-Rings
Ultraman Ace is the Ultra who can create almost unlimited assortment of energy rays. As well he can travel through time and space and traverse dimensions. Ace is skilled in using Ultra-Barriers for defense and attack. His main weapon is the Metallium Rays and the Ultra-Guillotines. Plus his helmet can absorb power that can recharge him fully in just seconds.
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