Height: 35 meters
Weight: 55.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 20
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Taro April 1973
Alter ego: Kotaro Higashi
Method of Transformation: The Ultra-Star Badge
Ultraman Taro is the sixth Ultra-Brother introduced to the Ultra-Universe (Ultraman Zoffy appeared in the last episode of Ultraman). Taro was specifically trained to be the most powerful Ultraman of all, personally trained by Ultra-Father from childhood to accomplish this. Taro wears the Ultra-Horns on his head. These are the most powerful of all energy absorbing devices. With these horns Taro can absorb as many as six Ultramen lives at once and become a Super Ultraman. In this state he can emit the universe’s most powerful ray, The Cosmo Miracle Ray. Taro also wears the Ultra-Chest protector, which can deflect back any energy projected towards him. In addition Taro wears an Ultra-Bracelet (like Ultraman Jack's), which can become many weapons and objects Taro needs to defeat his foes. Taro's other special powers include the Ultra-Dynamite, which can transform his whole body into a wall of flames, deadly to his enemies.
Ranking: 5

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