The original Urutora

Real Name: Shin Hayata / Ultraman

Identity/Class: Human / extra-terrestrial hybrid

Occupation: Agent of the Science Patrol / Defender of the galaxy

Affiliations: ally of the Science Special Investigation Team (a.k.a Kagaku Tokubetsu Sohsa Tai - Captain Toshio Muramatsu, Mitsuhiro Ide, Daisuke Arashi, Akiko Fuji, Isamu Hoshino and his civilian identity); all the other Ultramen, Kamen Rider

Enemies: Baltan, Bemular, Hippolito, Yapool, Zetton

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Ultraman (English version of his name)

Base of Operations: Japan, Earth; later returned to the Land of Light (a.k.a. The Ultra Planet)

First Appearance: Urutora Episode #1, "Urutora Sakusen Dai-Ichi-Goh" (July 17th 1966)

Powers/Abilities: In his Ultraman form, he stood around forty metres tall, though he could alter his size at will. He had a variety of energy attacks, his best known being the Specium Ray, activated by crossing his arms in a plus formation, with the resultant bolt of energy coming from his raised right hand. He could emit rings of light which could cut through things and streams of water to put out fires. He could teleport across light years, even between planets. He could also fly at interstellar speeds in space, and at supersonic speeds within an atmosphere. He could also run at superhuman speeds, faster than the fastest car. After merging with Shin, he used a "Beta Capsule" to transform, holding it in the air to start the change. He can only maintain this form inside Earth's atmosphere for a maximum of three minutes, or risk death through energy depletion. A Colour Timer on his chest served to give warning if his time was running low.

History: (Ultraman) Hailing from Nebula M78, Ultraman came to Earth pursuing Bemular, who had escaped while being taken to the Monster Graveyard. Flying over Japan, he accidentally collided with a plane, causing it to crash. Remorseful, and knowing he will rapidly run out of life giving energy within the planet's atmosphere, Ultraman merged with the dying pilot Shin Hayata. This saved the life of the human, but also allowed his alien counterpart to survive on Earth and secretly live among the humans unnoticed except when he was needed. Shin was a member of the Science Patrol, a group armed with high-tech giant robots who routinely took on alien invaders and giant monsters which threatened Japan. After defending Earth for a couple of years, Ultraman fell in battle with the monster Zetton, after his foe smashed his Colour Timer. Luckily the Science Patrol managed to defeat the creature. Ultraman's friend Zoffy came to the alien hero's rescue, separating Shin and restoring the human's independent life, then taking his ailing comrade back to Nebula M78 to be healed.

khas untuk peminat ultraman/ultraman's fans

Recently I met up with my idol Ultraman in Tokyo, Japan, the city he has saved many times over from evil, destructive monsters. We met at an intersection downtown, bought drinks from a vending machine and sat on the kerb for this interview.

Me: Konichiwa, Ultraman-san!
Ultraman: Apa khabar, Visiteur-san!

Me: Wow! Ultraman reti cakap bahasa?
Ultraman: Mesti lah, beb! Gua ada ramai peminat di seluruh dunia. Gua kena lah belajar macam-macam bahasa.

Me: Cool! So, what you been up to, dude?
Ultraman: A bit tired. Fought a monster last night in Fukushima prefecture. We fought until we reached the seaside in Hamadori. A lot of people died.

Me: The monster killed so many?
Ultraman: Actually, gua terjatuh and terhimpit diorang.

Me: Er, I see.
Banyak lagi ke monster kat dunia ni?
Ultraman: Ada lah. Tapi diorang dah malas nak lawan. Dah ada agent and publicist. Merchandising rights. Suma lawan nak dapat market share je.
Boring lah, beb!

Me: I see. So camne brader-brader lu? Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Taro .. ?
Ultraman: They all OK. Tiga dah bersara. Sekarang dia bukak restoran sushi kat Shinjuku. Bini dia baru beranak.

Me: Wow!
Ultraman: Yeah. Bini dia makhluk Bumi. So at first, family gua bantah, sebab we all boleh kahwin ngan orang Planet Ultra je. But thank the Ultra-Gods, my father, Ultraman yang bertanduk tu, finally gave his blessings. Cucu dia tu bertanduk jugak, so happy lah dia.

Me: What about Taro?
Ultraman: Taro tengah buat multi-level marketing jual ubat untuk kuatkan tenaga batin.

Me: Eh, naper Ultraman suma tak nak jadi superhero lagi?
Ultraman: Tu lah. Nowadays terlalu ramai superhero. Gaban lah, Power Ranger lah, ni lah, tu la. Yang paling teruk si Baja Hitam tu lah. Lawan cam pondan tapi marketing power dia kuat. Sebab tu boleh jadi popular. I always say, never trust superhero yang bawak motosikal, superhero yang pakai topeng pelik-pelik. We all Ultramen don't need all that cosmetic *shoot*.

Me: Wow, marahnya Ultraman.
Ultraman: Siapa tak marah? Bagero! Superhero ciplak ni suma tak original lah. And they all no integrity or morals. Last week, I dengar Gaban kena tangkap ngan gadis bawah umur.
You see?

Me: Man, that is sad.
Ultraman: Tu lah. That's why kalau tak Ultra, memang tak world lah.

Me: Wuhu! Lu peminat Mawi ke?
Ultraman: Adalah sikit-sikit.

Me: So, Ultraman, what'syour future plan? You going to give up being a superhero too?
Ultraman: No way. I love my job too much. But my girlfriend complains that I work such long hours. And when I come home at night, I'm always tired and my chest light is always beeping.

Me: Woooo! Sounds like you might need some of that ubat from your brader Taro.
Ultraman: Good idea! I better give him a call tonight.

At this point, Ultraman receives a distress call from Yokohama, where a monster is attacking the train station. So off he went, into the blue yonder, to fight yet another worthy adversary.

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